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An Anti-Coin Collection Platformer inspired by Japanese folktales.

As the day shines the last of its golden light over the land an eerie realm begins to form in the shadows. This spectral world is home to the Yokai. An assortment of ghosts, ghouls and demons that rise in the dusk and play through the night.

When a young girl, Tamako, spots one of these yokai she finds herself trapped in their world. If she can navigate this perilous land, the key to returning home may lie on the strange new mountain on the horizon.


  • Explore the world of Rising Dusk over 20+ levels traveling through Rice Fields, Castle Towns, Hot Springs, and more.
  • Avoid the coins! A unique mechanic that will have you battling every instinct to get everything. There’s a multitude of collectables, but can you resist collecting them all?
  • 16-bit meets Studio Ghibli art style. Encounter all sorts of ghosts and demons drawn from Japanese mythology.
  • Hidden ItemsSecret Exits and more. This game is bursting with secrets and easter eggs.
  • For PC & MAC 


"A charming, vibrant adventure, jam-packed with cool characters!"
~ Team Cherry

"The game never handholds, and everything that is needed to be known is clearly conveyed through the excellent level design."
~ Indie Ranger

"...a pretty mix of 16-bit era and Studio Ghibli."
~ Retronator

 "...the soundtrack is an absolute banger"
~ cliqist.com


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Rising Dusk PC v1.0.1.1 182 MB
Rising Dusk MAC v1.0.1.1 183 MB

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Any plans for a Linux version? If not, it will probably work well under WINE regardless. I'm just curious.

At this stage probably not . Let me know how it runs in WINE though.

Good job completing your game! I remember seeing it back before you tried for KS funding. Always cool to see a game make its way to the public.

Thank you! It's come a long way since the KS and I'm really happy with how the game turned out. I hope you enjoy it if get the chance to play it.

this soundtrack seriously rocks and gets stuck in my head! Intuitive gameplay is addictive and creative. Original too nice one studio stobie 


Please Studio Stobie,import dat ON SWITCH!

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Thanks so much! I wanna play it on Switch too! If it does well enough on PC we can make it happen! Spread the word!